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ABC Language Solutions provides high-quality Arabic translation services.



Arabic, which is spoken today by nearly 250 million people throughout the Middle East and North Africa, is the world's fifth most populous language. Aside from being recognized as an official language of communication in 24 countries, Arabic is also used as a religious language by the world's Muslims, who in total equal to almost 1.6 billion people.


The standardized form of the language, most commonly known as Modern Standard Arabic, is commonly used in linguistic texts, is used in Arabic-speaking countries around the world as the written form of the language as well as the spoken variety used in formal and official settings. Countries such as Lebanon, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt and many others each have their own dialect variant of the language. Due to their large geographic expanse, these versions of the language are often not mutually intelligible with one another and speakers from different countries will use Modern Standard Arabic to communicate with one another. Modern Standard Arabic is most often the form that is taught to those who are learning the language.


With nearly 55 million speakers, Egyptian Arabic is the most common form of the language today. Classical Arabic, which is the early historical form of the language, is still found in literary and religious texts. The Arabic alphabet, known as the abjad, contains 28 letters and is written from left to right. Due to historical ties and influence, many languages around the world contain Arabic loanwords in their daily vocabulary.


Along with English, French, Russian, Chinese and Spanish, Arabic is one of the six official languages of the United Nations.



Arabic Translation Expertise


ABC Language Solutions has extensive experience in providing expert linguistic support by translating various documents that include:

  • Legal documents
  • Medical translations
  • Technical manual translations
  • Financial translations
  • DTP translations
  • Marketing brochures
  • Software and website localization
  • HR documents


Translation Quality


ABC Language Solutions is fully and relentlessly committed to translation quality. We are fully certified in the following standards: ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System, Canadian National Standard for Translation Services CAN/CGSB-131.10. 2008 and European Translation Standard EN 15038:2006—the highest global standard for the translation industry.


We are also corporate members of American Translators Association (ATA) and Language Industry Associations (AILIA). Our translators are individually certified/accredited through over 600 organizations and agencies worldwide. Whether you need high-quality translators for Canadian, US, European or any other markets, you can rest assured that your project will be done in compliance with the processes required by the international translation standards, to the highest professional expectations and ethical norms.  


We provide great value to our clients by delivering high-quality Arabic translation services. We have provided our services to companies and organizations such as Coca-Cola, DHL and Philips.