Document Translation


Machine Translation (MT)

MT service envisages application of computers to translation of texts from one language to another. Automated translation tools have been around for many years, and recent developments in technology are boosting their performance. MT can be used to quickly get the gist or general idea of what the document is about. This method cannot be relied on to produce an accurate professional translation.


Machine Translation with Minimum Human Touch

This service adds quick “human” review to MT in cases where quick translation of large volumes of texts is requested by the Client, provided that accuracy and quality assurance is not needed. (e.g., a law firm preparing for trial wants to quickly review thousands of pages of documents in a foreign language to select the most relevant ones which contain certain key words). Although quality will be slightly better than in regular Machine Translation, this method still cannot be relied on to produce an accurate professional translation.


Human Translation by a Non-Professional Translator

This service can be useful in cases where the Client just needs to get an idea of what the text is about or when professional translator is not available (for example, in rare languages, for SMS / text messages, etc).


Regular Translation by a Single Professional Translator

This service may be used for many different types of documents that require translation into a foreign language and are intended primarily for information as opposed to publication. Professional translator should be able to accurately understand and interpret the meaning of the source text and to faithfully render the same message in the target language.


TEP (Translation + Editing + Proofreading)

TEP service is appropriate in cases where the Client’s documents will be highly visible or are intended for publication as opposed to information only. We provide high quality TEP service for legal documents, brochures, websites, and more. We can also provide our Clients edited text with changes tracked in color and an explanation of linguistic or terminology choices, comments and suggestions.