ABC Language Solutions provides a wide range of interpretation services in over 120 languages.

Interpretation is the process of understanding and analyzing a spoken or signed message and re-expressing that message faithfully, accurately and objectively in another language, taking the cultural and social context into account.

We generally have interpreters who are very much immersed in the cultures of the languages at hand. This is important because language has much to do with the culture that surrounds it. How can one effectively explain a subject if he is not aware of the context it is being said in. An interpreter that is familiar with the cultures is also more sensitive when it comes to words or actions that may be taboo in one country. Can you imagine what disgrace or disrespect may be caused if one is nonchalant about gestures and expressions that are actually offensive to a nation? A skillful interpreter is able to concoct the message in not only an accurate manner but also with beauty and grace so that the interpreted language comes off naturally and as beautifully as the source language.

We offer different interpretation services among which are:

Simultaneous interpretation is when the interpreter speaks at the same time as the main speaker. This is the most common use of interpretation, and can be seen if you watch any United Nations hearing. What you’ll notice at these UN meetings is that the nation representatives will be wearing headsets; inside these headsets professional interpreters are using simultaneous interpretation to relay the message of the speaker, in real time.

Consecutive interpretation is when the interpreter sits or stands behind the speaker, listens, perhaps takes notes, then relays the information after the speaker finishes a thought, segment of speech, etc. 

Telephone interpretation service, benefits of which are:

  • Round-the-clock telephone interpretation in 120+ languages
  • Simultaneous interpretation services for negotiations, trials, training sessions, and partner discussions
  • Native professional translators specializing in technical, legal, medical fields
  • Linguistic support in all major language combinations including rare languages


To your international success!