Privacy Policy

ABC undertakes to treat all information provided by a client as confidential.

All ABC translators are bound by confidentiality and nondisclosure agreements. Furthermore, ABC undertakes to alert any external translator or company whose services it engages, to his or her duty to ensure the confidential treatment of information and any documentation it may have obtained.

ABC will take reasonable measures to prevent unauthorized access to the documents entrusted to its care. However, ABC shall not be liable for damage to or the loss of any documents which its client places at its disposal.

Furthermore, ABC will not guarantee security of data due to the nature of Internet communications and computers, and as such the ABC cannot be held liable in the unlikely event that a third party may fail to comply with his duty of nondisclosure, nor shall ABC be liable for any loss or harm occasioned by the use of information technology, the Internet and modern means of telecommunication or other circumstances beyond ABC control.