Website Localization
Translating Your Website for International Audiences


Website Localization Is More Than Just Switching Languages

Localizing your website is one of those 21st-century translation necessities in order to ensure that your global marketing tool (your website) is conveying the exact message you want it to convey.

But how exactly does one localize their website? Sure, translating text is atop the list of things to do. Far too many business owners (and web surfers) rely on search engines like Google to automatically translate any sites that appear in a foreign language.

But can you rely on that type of software to get your message across?

Look up any website that you know to be in a foreign language. Find something in Spanish, French, or better yet, Arabic or Chinese. Chances are that when you pull up that site, Google (or whatever search engine you use) will ask you if you’d like the site translated.

You sure do! Hit yes and see what happens. Like magic your site is translated into your preferred language. But wait, what’s that? Oh my, upon close examination you come to discover that there are incoherent sentences and silly phrases littered all over the place.

Is that the message you want your business to make to international audiences?

The best way to dictate the message foreign audiences will get from your site is to make that message on your own - with the help of a certified translator, of course. While you certainly can’t localize your site to every language out there, you can narrow your efforts toward markets you’re trying to target.

When you do localize your website, you have several options. Some behind-the-scenes scripts can be put into place so that your website will know the language of the user accessing your site, and will show that user your localized website.

If that’s a bit beyond your scope, you can also offer simple links on your homepage, leading users to the language/site of their native tongue.

While we could go on and on about the importance of translating text, the truth is website localization requires far more than just translating text. For starters, any translation project requires the translator to take into consideration the overall message that’s supposed to be conveyed, and figure out a way to match that to the audience based on their language and cultural nuances.

With websites, messages are conveyed with more than just words. The images, color scheme, font choice and overall layout all play a role in your overall message. When you localize your website, make sure you work with an agency who promises to look at your site for all of its components, and not just for the words.

From advanced space systems to crocodile relocation plans, ABC Language Solutions makes sure your message gets across on time, on budget, and on point.