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Please contact our translation agency today to discuss your translation or communication needs or to request a free quote. We will do the rest.


  • Where are your translators located?

Our Canadian certified translators are located in Canada, although some of them can be located abroad. Projects that do not require Canadian certified translators will be done by the most qualified subject area specialists who can be located anywhere in the world. 

  • I would like to use a local translator in Toronto (Montreal, Calgary, Vancouver, etc), or translator certified or accredited by a specific organization - can you arrange that?

We work with clients and translators all over Canada and the United States, as well as in Europe, Japan, and worldwide. Translators are usually very busy and also they are very mobile and travel a lot. On the other hand, some languages are less popular than others, and sometimes there are few or no translators available in a specific location on a certain date. This means that it is often cheaper and faster to use someone non-local. However, we can often arrange a translator in a very specific location, or with a very specific background or certification. When providing a quote, we will be happy to discuss/offer different options.

  • How do you certify your translations, can you notarize them? Will your translations be accepted in Brazil, Poland, etc?

There are many different types of certifications, many organizations have their own rules and procedures - which change often! Generally, we can do anything that you might need, but we need to know what is required before we start work. You should always clariffy the requirements with the office where you plan to submit the documents, because if done incorrectly, it might be difficult, expensive, or impossible to change it later.

  • Who will work on my documents / how do you select your translators?

Generally speaking, choice of translator depends on many factors, such as your specific linguistuic and technical requirements, and on availability of qualified people who can meet them. If you need more information on our rigorous selection process or want to discuss your specific needs or concerns - just let us know and we will be happy to help you!

  • My documents are highly confidential, I do not trust Internet (do not want to send them online, etc).

We work with highly confidential documents for police, courts, etc. on a daily basis. Our translators are professionals bound by various agreements, ethical codes of their respective licensing bodies, and so on. If necessary, we will be happy to sign an NDA or a special agreement for your specific project. Although most work is done online, it is possible to arrange other delivery options - please talk to your Project Manager about this.

  • I would like to discuss my documents / translation project or give / pick them up directly to/from translator, can we do that?

For various legal, business, privacy, security and other considerations, normally this is not possible. In some situations / for some projects, we can arrange this - please talk to your Project Manager!